Selecting Right Universities

U.S.A has the largest number of universities in the world. There are more than 3900 universities and colleges that offer post-secondary education, right from Bachelors got the Post-doctoral level.

When an international student is looking to apply for a few universities, how does he approach the enormously difficult process of applying to only a few universities?  There are several aspects which need to be considered carefully before choosing right universities to apply. Some, of importance are,


Are they suitable for him or a miss-match?
Are they cheaper or costlier?
Do they offer financial aid or not?
Do they have the fields of specialization that the applicant is interested in?
Do they have suitable and reputed faculty? Do they have the right infrastructure?
What about employment prospects?
What chances are there for further education?
What sort of accreditation does the university have?
Do they offer flexibility in transferring to other courses or programs within or outside their university?
Do they have proper support staff to help international students?
What is the geography of the university like?

When a student faces with this onerous task, more often than most, a lot of mistakes could happen – in choices, in selection and in the whole process!

Especially, when most of the websites and posted catalogs look quite attractive and does reflect the true colors of the institution, it is important to be careful. There are universities that have multiple campuses in hundreds of acres and there are universities as small as a two-room flat! The information on them may be presented equally ‘bright’, which may lure an unsuspecting student into the trap of joining and not being able to come out later!

This is where professional expertise plays a major role. Companies like Topnotch with its years of experience cull the information from several resources, reconfirm and then make decisions for bright aspirants like you – so that you can never go wrong. A wrong step directly or through fly-by-night-operators could waste precious time and money for you, which is everything in today’s fast paced world.

Our mandate is to empower you with all the information and make you focused on the good of what you intend to do – for your own future. Our career center, student advisers, research team, managerial staff and the top management will make sure that you choose the right course, program and process, through our gamut of services.

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